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What Kind of Carpet Padding is Best?

There are some pretty amazing innovations when it comes to the world of carpet, like products that are waterproof, stain resistant and amazingly soft. With all of these new additions, it is hard to imagine needing something extra to pad down carpet’s luxurious fibers even more. But, there is something more important than just the feel of a great carpet, and that is the protection you will get from adding a carpet cushion. Carpet cushion provides protection above and below your floor’s surface. Just like the canvas backing we use on area rugs provides durability and protection to the floor it covers, carpet cushion will increase the lifetime of your carpet. Read more to find out our tips for how to install carpet in the best way. What is the Best Weight for Carpet Padding?

Think about your cell phone. It’s probably safely with you as you read this article, right? Advancements in technology have made phones sleeker and higher performing than ever. Is there anything phones today can’t do for us? When you go to buy a new phone, do you ever think twice about putting it in a case to prevent damage? Think about carpet cushion as a case for carpet; you can worry a little less about being extra cautious and instead enjoy your new floor! Flat Rubber Carpet Padding

Interested in carpet cushion? We’re here to help you learn how to choose the right one to accompany your carpet. The first thing to consider is the material. Popular materials used in carpet cushion include rubber, foam and fiber.

Tip: Thin and dense cushion is the best option for high traffic areas since it will help absorb the impact from all the footsteps.
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